Artistic Therapy online

Conducting therapy online is becoming increasingly popular more than ever especially for busy people, who have no time to travel to and from a therapy session or for clients who prefer to have therapy sessions in the comfort of their own homes.

For a long time I have been sceptical about art sessions online but it surprised me how effective Skype therapy sessions actually happen to be. Even though client and therapist may be many miles apart, it feels like you are in the same room.

How does it work?
If you are interested in booking a first online consultation, please contact me with a brief description of your reason for self-referral or any concerns. Please also include your location and preferred time. I will reply as soon as I can via email to arrange a suitable time for you to meet online for a first consultation.

In the first consultation session we get to know each other, you have the chance to talk to me about your reason for referral, you can ask me questions about the therapy and then we will decide if and how we continue from here. Depending on the situation and the reason for referral we will meet once a week for a session.

Online therapy is offered in English or Dutch language.

Therapy may not always feel positive as sad memories, unhappy or frustrating feelings tend to come up. This is normal in therapy and I will listen to you and guide you through this process.

What equipment do you need?
You need a computer and Internet access. The software that allows you to make video calls can be downloaded for free at It is very simple to set up and it works very well with a good Internet connection. If you have a build in web-cam and mic on your computer you are all set but if you don’t then you can purchase a simple webcam and a headset and attach them to your computer via the USB port. You need to have a table or an easel where you can make your artistic work on, also the camera needs to directly point at that.

What art materials do you need?
The art materials that will be used during your sessions can be purchased week by week when necessary and it is different for each client. A list of some basic materials will be given to you at the end of your first consultation. If you have some art materials at home then they may be suitable to be used also.

Does it matter where you live?
The online therapy sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection. This allows you to connect with me in London even if you live as far as in Hong Kong.  It doesn’t matter where you live as long as we can find a time for your sessions that works out in both our time zones and we can communicate in English or Dutch.

This technological development allows us to contact others around the globe in an instant and gives endless opportunities to promote well-being and happiness.

How long does the therapy last?
Each online session lasts 50 minutes and takes place once a week depending on the case. Everyone’s therapy experience is different and how long the therapy lasts is dependent on many factors. There is no fixed time to recovery nor should therapy be seen as a way to fix oneself.

Therapy can open doors to self-awareness, can support and offer you insight into reoccurring issues, illness and difficulties. Your therapist guides you through this journey and hands you the necessary tools to regain your healthy balance.

We will discuss the length of therapy in your first consultation and talk about what you want or hope to achieve from your sessions.

Payment and fees
Payment for your session is required prior to each on-line session. Secure payment options will be emailed to you.

One 50 minute session costs £85

Online therapy vs. face-to-face therapy
Even though online therapy is becoming increasingly more popular there are still a lot of people that wonder if it is right for them. There are pros and cons to this format of therapy. It is ultimately about what you want and how it fits into your life so I have put together some benefits to each therapy format. If you have the opportunity to choose either and have doubts about which format is right for you then we can discuss what would be most suitable for you in the first consultation.

Some positive benefits to online therapy:

  • You can consult me from anywhere in the world.
  • No problems with parking or looking for transport.
  • No one will ever know you’ve consulted a therapist online.
  • You can receive therapy sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home or work place.
  • You may find it easier to talk online about some problems you find embarrassing.
  • More flexible appointments, including weekends and late evenings.
  • Physical disability is no longer a problem.
  • No need to sit in a waiting room before the appointment.
  • Online therapy services can help people in rural or remote areas.
  • Accessible even when you're working long hours or unusual shifts.

Some positive benefits to face-to-face therapy:

  • You will have personal contact with your therapist.
  • You won’t be disturbed in your session.
  • Your therapist may be able to assist you better with your artwork.
  • It may feel more real to you.
  • The whole therapy space can be used.
  • You will have all the right art materials and won’t have to purchase them yourself.
  • The creative but calm atmosphere in the therapy space can enhance the therapeutic process.
  • You won't spend time and money on travelling to the practice.


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