Artistic Therapy for postnatal depression

It is estimated that more than 1 in 6 new mothers are affected by postnatal depression in the UK. Postnatal depression can happen to any new mother and lasts from weeks to years if not treated. It comes with a broad range of symptoms which can vary in how severe they are and include irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems (even when your baby is sound asleep), tiredness, trouble concentrating, lack of appetite or overeating, tearfulness and obsessive behaviour.

Postnatal depression can be caused by numerous events and reasons i.e. the actual birth experience, lifestyle changes, thyroid gland defect, the impact the new family situation has on relationships, stressful life events and media/ social images and expectations of motherhood.

In my therapy practice I work with different forms of depression including postnatal depression. Every mum is different and experiences life and giving birth in her own way. In the sessions we explore the client’s feelings and the way the depression influences their lives and needs.

Through a creative and personal journey clients can get clarity of mind and the feeling that they are in charge of their own lives again.

Besides individual therapy sessions we organise several workshops and courses especially for new mums coping with postnatal depression and baby blues. These workshops offer the opportunity to get together with other mums that go through a similar situation, setting aside a moment that is just for yourself to relax, reflect and regain new insights and energy. It is a creative workshop where you will be invited to paint but no previous painting experience is required. The focus with the artistic work is on the creative process and not the final result. We won’t expect  masterpieces, it is all about enjoying the therapeutic qualities of working with the arts. Participants are free to share as much or as little as they like in the group. We only work with small groups usually with up to 8 women.

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